Namibia’s Coastal Wonderland with Skeleton Coast Diving

With its diverse marine life, intriguing wrecks, and stunning coastal landscapes, Namibia is quickly emerging as a premier scuba diving destination.

When you think of world-class scuba destinations, Namibia may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, those in the know will tell you that this breathtaking country is home to some truly amazing dive sites. With its diverse marine life, intriguing wrecks, and stunning coastal landscapes, Namibia is quickly emerging as a premier scuba diving destination. Leading the charge in showcasing the wonders of the underwater world is Hayley Brand, a passionate marine biologist and the owner of Skeleton Coast Diving.

Hayley, a seasoned SCUBA diver with two decades of experience exploring the world’s oceans, has made it her mission to unveil the hidden treasures of Namibia’s coast to the world.

“People often underestimate the beauty of our coastline, but there is so much to discover here,” Hayley exclaims. “Between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, there are stunning dive spots waiting to be explored. We are constantly pushing boundaries, searching for wrecks to dive, and even envisioning the creation of a training platform near Walvis Bay. In fact, we recently acquired a boat to take our guests out into the open waters.”

Beyond the dive school, Hayley has an ambitious vision to offer dive excursions from Swakopmund all the way to Angola. Fuelled by her recent explorations in the Angolan town of Namib, where she and her husband, Eckhard, scouted dive sites and considered renovating a half-built lodge, Hayley is determined to expand the horizons of Namibian tourism.

Hayley’s passion extends beyond diving alone. She is developing educational programs for school learners, providing them with opportunities to explore the fascinating world of rock pools along the coast and participate in beach clean-ups. Moreover, Hayley’s love for sharks compels her to share her knowledge with school children, spreading awareness and fostering a deep appreciation for these majestic creatures.

Hayley’s devotion to the ocean dates back to her childhood. “Ever since I was young, I’ve been captivated by the wonders of the sea,” she recalls. “I discovered diving while still in school when a guest speaker introduced us to the mesmerizing underwater world. From that moment, I was hooked.”

Having explored underwater worlds in Angola, England, Thailand, and Zanzibar, Hayley decided to turn her passion into a profession. After becoming a qualified dive instructor and marine biologist, she realized her dream by opening Skeleton Coast Diving in Swakopmund in April/May 2021.

Namibia’s allure extends beyond its coastal regions. Inland, you’ll find picturesque lakes and captivating caves that beckon adventurous divers, offering one-of-a-kind experiences. While visibility cannot be guaranteed at all times, the perfect alignment of weather conditions presents extraordinary opportunities to fulfill your scuba diving aspirations in Namibia. ©LIN

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