Spring Market on the Menu at Yellowstone Trails

Yellowstone Trails is a farm just outside of Windhoek and is hosting its first-ever Spring Market on the 23rd of September. Leanne Mitchell, one of the owners of Yellowstone Trails, tells us more about the farm in general and the new Spring Market in particular

“The Spring Market is a new concept we are trying,” she says with excitement. “We’d like to give as many local producers and creators the opportunity to showcase their products. It’s not just a market; it’s a day out for families to enjoy the farm’s beauty in a relaxed environment and support our local artisans.”

The upcoming Spring Market will bring a vibrant array of stalls, offering everything from fresh produce and handmade crafts to art and artisanal goods and promises to be a celebration of local talent and a chance for people to connect.

After acquiring the farm over a year ago, Leanne Mitchell and Steven Lochner wanted to share this little piece of heaven right on Windhoek’s doorstep, with other people, and thus the hiking and biking trails were born.

“The farm offers six jeep track routes of various difficulties, each personally graded by my father. These trails provide opportunities for both seasoned adventurers and novices to explore the stunning landscape surrounding the farm,” says Leanne.

As we stroll along one of the routes, Leanne points towards a charming building nestled amidst the surrounding mountains; “That is Thorn Tree Premium Coffee, the farm’s very own coffee shop and heart of the farm,” she smiles, “it’s open on Saturdays, allowing people to break away into nature on the weekend. With plenty of safe roaming space, children can run and ride their bikes freely.”

The coffee shop is a hub of social interaction and relaxation. Locals gather here to savor freshly brewed coffee, homemade treats, and delicious meals made from locally sourced produce.

“Our plans and goals are endless for the farm,” Leanne shares with a twinkle in her eye. “We are in the final stages of putting up the boards for our Trail Routes. Next is grass in front of Thorn Tree Premium Coffee, so that we can host open-air events such as picnics and movie nights, concerts, and even dog shows. We also plan to have regular family afternoons with activities for both adults and children.”

As we bid farewell to Leanne and Yellowstone Trails, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by her dedication to bringing people closer to nature and her passion for the farm. Yellowstone Trails offers you the simple pleasures of life. ©LIN

To book your stall for the upcoming Spring Market on the 23rd of September, contact 081 230 6776 or email us at yellowstonetrails@gmail.com. Leanne Mitchell and Steven Lochner.

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