About LIN

About LIN

Hi! I’m Karin Retief, the Editor and Creator of Life in Namibia Magazine (LIN). Since its launch in 2015, LIN has been my platform to explore the true essence of our magnificent country through the art of visual storytelling. With my background as a photojournalist, it felt like a natural progression to showcase the wonders of Namibia to both our fellow Namibians and international travellers.

Throughout my 35-year career as a photojournalist, I started out capturing a wide range of events, from the intensity of gang violence and parliamentary sessions to the excitement of sports. One of the highlights was my role as chief photographer at The Cape Times, where I had the incredible privilege of meeting my lifelong inspiration, Nelson Mandela.

As a freelance photojournalist, I embarked on exciting travels for leading magazines and NGOs, documenting human rights abuses, socio-economic struggles, subcultures, and environmental protection. However, life took a turn when I was diagnosed with PTSD, prompting me to shift my focus to lighter human-interest stories. It was during this period that I launched the online lifestyle magazine, Life in Namibia.

In addition to my editorial work, I published a coffee table book called “Beyond Ochre: My Life with a Himba Family.” Over the span of 10 years, I chronicled my experiences with a Himba family, offering readers a unique glimpse into their way of life.

Today, I continue to draw upon my extensive experience and unwavering passion for storytelling, using Life in Namibia magazine as a platform to showcase the wonders of Namibia through engaging narratives and captivating visuals. I live in Swakopmund and is married to Michiel Coetzee and we have two amazing kids, Matias and Nina.

Ethos of LIN:

At LIN, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of artists, dreamers, visionaries, and movers and shakers who shape our cultural tapestry. Delving deep into our rich heritage, we honor the timeless wisdom of our elders. Explore the wonders of Namibia through our engaging narratives, and become part of our dynamic community as we pay homage to the essence of our extraordinary country.