Marta Majó: Harnessing the Play of Light and Shadow.

Africa’s light stands alone, unmatched by any other place on Earth, where light is both paintbrush and canvas—a force that photographer Marta Majó has come to cherish and harness in her quest to capture emotions and stories that defy mere words.

Marta, a Spanish photographer who lives between Spain and Namibia, has a deep passion for storytelling through her lens. She reflects, “My journey into the world of photography began at a young age when, at just six years old, I received my first camera as a gift from my godmother. This simple, manual camera sparked a lifelong love affair with capturing moments.”

“I recall my early days of photography with nostalgia,” Marta reminisces, “Back then, taking photos meant waiting a week to see the results. Every shot was a carefully considered moment, as there was no option to go back and redo. Despite the technical limitations of my first camera, my primary goal was clear: to capture the moments that mattered to me.”

As she grew older her passion for photography only intensified. She saved money to upgrade her equipment, eventually acquiring a more technical RICOH snapshot camera. This new camera allowed her to experiment with settings, providing her with more control over the photographic process. This was a significant step in her journey.

“Around the age of 18,” Marta recalls, “I purchased my first Nikon SLR, marking a pivotal moment in my photography career. It was here that I began to explore the art of photography in greater depth. I enrolled in workshops to learn new techniques and fine-tune my skills. With this new equipment and knowledge, I could truly play with light, depth of field, and various photographic elements.”

Marta evolution as a photographer continued, and she found her niche in documentary-style photography and sports photography. She reflects, “What I love most about these genres is that my subjects are aware of my presence and could go about their activities naturally. This allows me to capture genuine moments and emotions, which I believe are more important than focusing on technical perfection.”

Marta have exhibited twice in  Namibia, the first showcased candid street photography, emphasizing the art of capturing unposed, authentic moments. The second exhibition focused on empty landscapes, which challenged her to step out of her comfort zone. She says, “While landscape photography wasn’t my favorited genre, I sought to tell a different kind of story through my lens, exploring abandoned landscapes that went beyond the obvious and traditional.”

One of her most significant projects to date is the book ‘Una Luz en la Oscuridad’ or ‘A Light in the Darkness’. She took all the images and co-designed the graphic design and layout. 

The book was a commission to document the making of a documentary about a 15-year-old European student who travels to Africa to attend rural schools in person, in order to gain a firsthand understanding of education and its overall environment.

“I felt honoured to be asked to provide all the still photographs for this project, filmed on location in Mozambique. The book’s central theme was to show Africa filled with hope and resilience, in contrast to the often negative portrayals by Western media.” Marta expresses.

“Having spent two decades in Namibia, my perspective on life in Africa has changed over the years. I acknowledge that I may never fully comprehend the continent’s complexity, but my experiences, friendships, and my children have provided me with a privileged view of this diverse and vibrant continent.” 

Marta emphasizes that in documenting the lives of the people she encountered, she has learned that while Africa faces numerous challenges, these challenges do not define her people.

 She says, “I see individuals deeply connected to their land and their families, and I am inspired by the unwavering joy of children, their smiles enduring despite adversity. Through my lens, I hope to honour and convey their values and experiences.”

Marta’s versatility as a photographer is truly impressive. From documentary photography to capturing the energy and grace of sports, she navigates various genres effortlessly. Her work in street photography, where she captures candid moments that reveal the essence of humanity, demonstrates her ability to connect with her subjects on a profound level.

Marta Majó captures moments and emotions with depth and soulful quality that makes them come alive. She has a remarkable talent for harnessing the play of light and shadow to create stunning visual narratives. A storyteller and visual poet who uses her camera to convey the beauty, resilience, and hope she sees in the world. ©LIN

The book mentions ‘A Light in the Darkness,’ was produced by Gondola Films, with the support of the Simon Development Foundation and RTVA – Radio and Television of Andalusia/ CANAL SUR , in collaboration with the IBO Foundation. 

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