Color Your World with Joy: The Happiness Palette of CREATIFT.

For Elsada Kruger, the owner of Creatift in Windhoek, the motto “more is more” certainly applies. “I went to Bali with a shopping list for bags, but I returned with a container stuffed to the brim! Furniture, decorations, bags, and anything else that whispered ‘take me home’ couldn’t escape my shopping spree!”

She laughs, “It’s a funny story because the container was on its way home before I even had a shop or storage for the items! And so, Creatift was born 26 years ago. She saw the name, creatively misspelled somewhere in Bali, and it was a perfect reflection of the artistic tapestry she was about to weave.

Elsada has an eye for unique furniture, decor, and textiles that resonate with her on a personal level. She mostly buys them from India and Bali. Each piece is meticulously chosen. She says, “The world is amazing, and every country has its charm. I love places with interesting cultures. It makes my heart happy.”

“Take India, for instance, a place I consider exotic. They walk, they cycle, they ride, and they love their hooters. It has a wonderful vibe. It makes you crazy, and at first, you think it doesn’t work for you at all. Your ears basically give in, but in the end, it crawls into your blood. And you just completely fall in love with the place; you actually miss it and crave it with an aching heart,” Elsada reflects.

In stark contrast, Bali presents itself as a heavenly paradise, where everything flows smoothly and serenely. The island’s lush greenery and artistic population create an atmosphere of tranquility. Silence reigns, punctuated only by the soft sounds of nature. Bali’s Hindu culture is ever-present, with offerings adorning every corner.

Creatift is more than just a store; its otherworldly atmosphere rejuvenates your soul. Visitors find refuge from the mundane, whether they are drawn by the vibrant colors, exquisite clothing, or simply the therapeutic ambiance. “My clients always joke, saying it’s their Prozac; it makes them happy to be surrounded by all the beauty.”

Elsada takes immense delight in witnessing how her pieces are repurposed by clients’ resourcefulness when her doors and windows find new life in churches, wedding venues, homes, and offices. “I have the best job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Furniture makes my heart full,” Elsada concludes.

For all fortunate enough to step into Creatift, their hearts are undoubtedly full too—full of color, inspiration, and the magic of a world where every piece has a story to tell. ©LIN

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