Skydive over the oldest desert in the world!

When Annatjie Retief said she’s going skydiving to tick off her bucket list, celebrating her 80th, her three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren did not blink an eye.

They are by now used to her ticking off adventures. Snow, tick. Scuba, tick. Sailing, tick. What was it like to jump out of a plane, LIN asked while watching the video. “You can see I am vehemently trying to protest about something, and the instructor must have thought I got cold feet or something and started folding his arms gently around me. But I was trying to say that my shoe had slipped off, and I was desperately trying to find it before we jumped,” she says.

“All I could think of at that moment was – Don’t lose your shoe, as you will have to do a walk of shame once on the ground.” And how was the experience? “The skydive itself was wonderful. You have an adrenaline rush, and then suddenly your senses go into overdrive, and reality hits: you are flying!”

Next on your bucket list? “I want to go to Paris. I want to stand under the Eiffel Tower, stretch my arms as wide as I can, and celebrate life and all its wonders!”

Annatjie’s jump was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Ground Rush Adventures, the premier skydiving company in town. With their expertise and passion for thrilling experiences, they ensured that Annatjie’s skydiving dream became a reality. To discover more about their exhilarating services and explore the world of skydiving, visit their website at Prepare to be amazed by the adrenaline-pumping adventures that Ground Rush Adventures has to offer! +264 64 40 2841 Address: Amanpuri Travellers Lodge Moses Garoeb Street, Swakopmund.

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