Ongwari Café: Homemade Cakes, Healthy Drinks and Artisanal Breads.

Ongwari Café beckons you to experience its cool haven.

Founded by the dynamic duo Johan and Anneli Nel, this delightful culinary destination promises a dining experience like no other. What started as a small personal kitchen has flourished into a renowned cake and tea bistro, now transformed into a full-fledged garden restaurant. 

Ongwari Café in Omaruru entices patrons with homemade cakes, healthy drinks, and artisanal breads.

When it comes to baking, Johan and his mother shine as the star bakers. Their cakes are simply divine, with the cheesecake stealing the show. Johan takes charge of the bread, crafting wholesome loaves using home-grounded ingredients.

Driven by Anneli’s personal journey with a liver disease and her deep understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Johan and Anneli embarked on a flavorful adventure. They began experimenting with unique concoctions of fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers. Although procuring fruits can sometimes pose a challenge, they remain steadfast in their commitment to supporting local suppliers.

Johan and Anneli’s connection to Namibia is deep-rooted, with Johan being a local from Omaruru and Anneli originally from Windhoek. With their twin daughters at their side, the couple is committed to contributing to their community and their town. Beyond the delectable food, Ongwari Café plays host to special event evenings that bring people of all ages together. Live music and entertainment create an atmosphere of camaraderie, forging lasting memories for everyone involved.


96 Wilhelm Zeraua Zoad, Omaruru

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