Owners and chefs of Yokohama Sushi Bar, Fillemon Mbadhimbi and Simon Indileni Amukwata

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LIN had the pleasure of sitting down with the owners and talented chefs of Yokohama Sushi Bar, Fillemon Mbadhimbi and Simon Indileni Amukwata, as they unveiled their journey and shared their future plans.

It all began during their time at Ocean Basket, where their passion for raw seafood flourished. Simon humorously recalls, “I must admit, I developed quite an addiction to salmon while working there. I was constantly munching on it, but luckily, I was not fired!”

The name Yokohama has deep significance for the duo. Fillemon elaborates, “We named the restaurant after a master chef from Yokohama, a quaint fishing village in Japan. He became our mentor during our sushi-making training in Cape Town and truly opened our eyes to the artistry behind it.”

Initially, when they decided to venture into the sushi business, they faced scepticism from their families. However, their scepticism transformed into immense pride and support. Looking ahead, Yokohama Sushi Bar has big plans in store.

Fillemon reveals, “We are currently developing a training program and scholarships to pass on the art of sushi-making to future generations. It’s our way of preserving and promoting this craft, especially in our culture where consuming raw fish is not traditional.”

 Furthermore, they want to open more branches in other towns in Namibia, creating much-needed work. “It is important for us to pay it forward,” says Simon. When asked what their advice would be for someone wanting to start a business and facing obstacles like they did, Fillemon says, “I can only say have patience. That’s all. Work hard and with patience, you can make anything happen.” As Yokohama Sushi Bar turns this new page, customers can look forward to a continued sushi experience, infused with passion and dedication. ©LIN

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