Full Circle Phenomenal is Living the Dream

Jesse and Catherine Hart have cracked the code to a balanced life, and they’re eager to share their secrets with the world. Embarking on an epic adventure, the dynamic duo behind Full Circle Phenomenal is living the dream that many of us secretly yearn for – that desire to pack our bags, leave our worries behind, and embrace a nomadic life of freedom and exploration.

LIN had the opportunity to speak with them about their upcoming retreat in Swakopmund, called “Namibia Flow Arts Fire Spinning Retreat”, hosted by our very own, Evolve Fire and Entertainment.

Jesse and Catherine Hart have been living life on the road since January 2020, embarking on a remarkable journey that has taken them through 16 different countries. To make this nomadic lifestyle possible, they made the courageous decision to sell their valuable possessions. Jesse sold his motorcycle, while Catherine said goodbye to her beloved horse. With the funds from these sales, they invested in a 1983 Toyota Camper Truck, affectionately named “The Yoda Home.” This trusty vehicle has become their reliable companion and cozy shelter as they continue their extraordinary adventure.

The retreat in Swakopmund stands out from their previous retreats because it offers the opportunity to learn various “flow props” such as hula hoops, poi, fans, rope dart, palm torches, and more, all in a single weekend. This immersive experience allows participants to gain insight into their preferences and even consider a career in these arts. If there is enough demand, Jesse and Catherine are open to extending their stay in Namibia and offering further lessons.

In their personal and professional lives, Jesse and Catherine prioritize the principle of “As within, so without.” They believe that what we consume mentally, physically, and spiritually shapes our reality. Their advice to individuals aspiring to create a similar lifestyle is to stay focused, take consistent steps forward, and avoid unnecessary detours. Understanding and managing one’s internal state is key to this lifestyle

Retreat Information:

August 18th to 20th, 2023.

Zelda Lourens +264 85 746 5757 and Catherine + Jesse Hart +1 360-601-0826.  Beach House 4 Richthoven Street, Swakopmund. Email: empathinity@gmail.com

Full Circle Phenomenal is an entrepreneurial venture that focuses on health and entertainment, combining yoga, meditation, flow arts fire spinning, and video productions from around the world. ©LIN

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