The Alchemy of Mushroom Cultivation

Meet Jennifer du Toit-Henke, a cool mushroom grower and small business owner from Swakopmund. She sells a functional vegan and organic range of extract capsules from various types of mushrooms. Prepare to be Amazed by Mushroom Magic and no, not the hallucinating variety.

As the LIN team step into this enchanting world, they are met with a warm smile from Jennifer, describing her fascinating journey that led her to mushroom cultivation. The tale began with her desire to support a dear friend battling cancer. Being a talented chef, Jennifer was aware of the anti-inflammatory benefits of mushrooms, like the “Turkey Tail Mushroom,” renowned for its immune-boosting effects, a potential support for the body’s defences against infections and diseases, especially alongside chemotherapy.

As her knowledge expanded, Jennifer’s curiosity led her to explore a myriad of other mushroom varieties. The more she delved into their world, the more she discovered their unique characteristics. She started growing mushrooms at home, which soon got too small and then moved to a bigger premises in the industrial area, a factory which she kitted out with imported specialized equipment.

To ensure her mushrooms thrive, Jennifer has to replicate the humid conditions of a rain forest within her factory walls, a big victory for our interesting coastal/desert climate! The cultivation process needs to be in a meticulously sterile work environment, to ensure that only the highest quality products reach the market.

Her capsules offer a range of benefits, from Lion’s Mane for Focus and Mood, Reishi for Vitality and Balance, Cordyceps for Energy and Performance, to Turkey Tail for Immunity Boost. But Jennifer’s mission extends beyond human well-being.

She collaborates with a veterinarian in Walvis Bay, offering her mushroom extracts to furry patients, with remarkable success in various health issues. Jennifer’s commitment to sustainability shines through her eco-friendly practices. She prioritizes using alien tree trunks as a substrate for growing her mushrooms, contributing to the clearing of invasive species. She has plans to explore using the harvested wood as an eco-friendly building material, completing the circle of environmental stewardship.

As the LIN team bids farewell to Jennifer’s mushroom factory, they leave inspired by her drive, not just as a small business enterprise but as an eco-warrior making a positive impact on our well-being and our planet.

Go check out her online shop! Besides her extract capsules, she offers cultivation supplies, grow kits, spore cultures, and spawns.©LIN

Contact Details: Unit 14, Erro Industrial Park, Einstein Street
Swakopmund, Namibia. Email: Call:+264 81 303 9676.
Available to order online:

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