Shiya Karuseb

In the world of Namibian art, one name shines brightly for its captivating creations – Shiya Karuseb.

Born in Okahandja in 1972 and raised in Arandis, Shiya has established himself as a renowned artist, leaving an indelible mark on the local and international art scene. With a solid educational foundation in art, including his role as a lecturer at the prestigious John Muafangejo Art Center in Windhoek, Shiya Karuseb has honed his skills and developed a unique artistic style that captivates the imagination.

His passion for art has taken him beyond the borders of Namibia, where he studied in Germany from 2009 to 2010 and showcased his work in Germany and Norway. A pivotal moment in Shiya’s career was his 2010 exhibition, “Another perspective,” held at the esteemed Alliance Française in Swakopmund. Shiya describes his art as a personal journey, delicately balancing space and time, violence and peace, and the highs and lows of life.

Through his artistic creations, he invites viewers on a visual exploration of creativity, meditation, dreams, and reality. For Shiya, art is a bridge that connects contrasting elements. From the softness of fabric to the rigidity of wire, from the solid presence of stone to the delicate touch of paper, his art communicates through the language of color and the voice of love.

At the heart of his creations are African women, whose strength and resilience shine through despite the hardships they endure. Shiya’s artwork emanates a sense of gentleness and joy, paying homage to the inherent beauty and power within African Women. The sculptures he crafts symbolize his deep love and appreciation for women. They embody the essence of fatherhood, representing love and unwavering support for all women, especially pregnant women and children.

Shiya addresses issues of domestic and gender-based violence, aiming to raise awareness and inspire change. His work stands as a heartfelt dedication to all the lonely and heartbroken women, offering them solace and recognition. He invites viewers to embark on an emotional and introspective journey through his art. Each piece speaks volumes, portraying the struggles, resilience, and profound beauty found within the human experience. 

His art serves as a reminder of the power of artistic expression to spark change and foster understanding. ©LIN

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