DRC Children’s Choir: Uniting Voices of Talent and Potential.

“The DRC is a vibrant community with incredible talent and potential,” says Joel Nambuli.
Joel is the charismatic lead vocalist of the renowned African Vocals, who, together with the DRC School Project & Community, has started a children’s choir.
LIN and photographer Marta Majó went to visit Joel and spent a lovely afternoon listening to happy children sing, drum, and play marimba.
Joel is a passionate teacher and leads by example. He tells us more: “We initiated the idea of creating a children’s choir in the DRC community because we wanted to make a meaningful difference.
“We brainstormed and thought about what we could afford and what would be sustainable. That’s when the idea of creating a children’s choir took shape.
“So we decided to reach out to the kids on the streets, bring them in, let them enjoy music, and teach them.
“I know we cannot change much about their socio-economic situation, but we want to provide them with a sense of belonging, something every child longs for, especially those who are struggling to find their place in the world.
“Through this process, we not only teach them music but also important life principles. Every child with the desire to join the choir is welcome, with no exclusions. Teaching these kids is a passion of mine; it’s what I live for.

“How great would it be if someday the DRC community in Swakopmund will be known for its children’s choir and not for its struggles?

With determination and the grace of God, we believe we can achieve it. There’s an abundance of talent and potential; it will not be easy, but it’s definitely possible.” ©LIN

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