Donkey Bay

As the early morning sun cast its golden glow over the vast expanse of the Namib Desert, a sense of anticipation began to build among the crowd gathered on the shore. I was there too, my heart racing with excitement, as I prepared to witness something truly remarkable.

I had travelled all the way to Walvis Bay to cover the World Surf Championships for LIN magazine, and had heard whispers of a secret surf spot known as Donkey Bay. Tucked away within the rugged coastline of the infamous Skeleton Coast, this fabled location was said to offer some of the best waves in the world. Few surfers had ever dared to venture there, but with the Namibian government’s recent decision to open it up to the world, the stage was set for an epic showdown.

Skeleton Coast. Pic: Joshua Kettle

As we made our way down the windswept shore, the sound of crashing waves grew louder, beckoning us towards our destination. And then, finally, there it was – Donkey Bay. At first glance, the bay looked like any other, a long stretch of sandy beach surrounded by water. But as we drew closer, it became clear that this was no ordinary surf spot.

In a stunning upset, a local donkey surfer from Walvis Bay named Sean Thomp had taken the surfing world by storm. Riding the waves with grace and style, he had carved up the water like a seasoned pro, shocking onlookers with his incredible talent.

Seals are your sufing mates at Donkey Bay. Pic: Bernd Dittrich

As I watched him in awe, I couldn’t help but wonder how he had honed his skills. In a post-surf interview, Sean revealed that he had always been fascinated by the ocean and the waves. Determined to try his luck at surfing, he had paddled out on his board and caught his very first wave.

To the amazement of onlookers, Sean rode the waves with a natural ease, showcasing a level of skill that many seasoned surfers could only dream of. His fellow donkeys, who had always laughed at his dream of becoming a surfer, could not believe their eyes.

Pelican Point home of Donkey Bay Pic: Thijs Boom

As news of his incredible talent spread, Sean quickly gained a following within the surfing community. He was soon invited to compete in contests all over the world, winning titles and admiration from surfers everywhere. Even legendary surfer Kelly Slater had nothing but praise for the donkey’s talent, calling him an inspiration to us all.

But Sean’s rise to surfing stardom had a wider impact than just the surfing world. His story had inspired other animals to take up the sport, and Donkey Bay had seen a surge in interest from creatures of all kinds eager to catch a wave like Sean.

Picture: Paul Hermann

As the sun began to set over the bay, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at what I had witnessed. Sean Thomp, the local donkey surfer from Walvis Bay, had not only won the World Championships at Donkey Bay, but had also become a symbol of hope and inspiration for anyone chasing their dreams. As he rode his board back to shore, I could see the joy and contentment in his eyes. “I never thought I’d be a surfer,” he said. “But now that I am, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”


The story and image of Sean Thomp, the donkey surfer, were AI-generated for fun and in celebration of Namibia’s best surf spot – Donkey Bay at Pelican Point on the Skeleton Coast.

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