Coastal Signs: Where Every Vision Finds Reality.

Plans were set in motion, belongings were sold, and tickets were booked—New Zealand was calling. However, destiny had a twist. As the date for their grand departure approached, COVID-19 hit the world. Two weeks into the first lockdown, on the very day they were supposed to be sipping gin and tonics on a plane flying east, Carola Meyer and Hein Koch found themselves not soaring the skies but stuck at home, devoid of both belongings and work. Family became their temporary roommates, and the thrill of adventure turned into a contemplative pause, far from the adventure they had envisioned.
But Carola and Hein embraced their unexpected reality, fondly calling it their “Covid baby”—a happy accident. This twist of fate transformed these life partners into the proud business partners of their own printing company called Coastal Signs in Swakopmund. Carola and Hein met years ago, and with their backgrounds in design and print making, it was an easy decision to open their own printing business.
Carola, a graduate in multimedia design from City Varsity in Cape Town, brought her artistic flair, while Hein, with 13 years of expertise in signage manufacturing and fitting, added his wizardry to the mix. This creative duo has turned their business into the go-to place not just for all things printing, but a place where customers get treated with personal attention to detail. Here you are not just a number, as each design and product leaving the premises is done with passion and pride.
The staff at Coastal Signs immerse themselves in your vision. From indoor to outdoor signage, lightboxes to safety signs, business cards to flyers, Carola, Hein, and their dedicated team are the maestros of a seamless, all-in-one service. Their plans for New Zealand might have been shelved by the pandemic, but Coastal Signs became the silver lining. Sometimes, a detour can indeed be a blessing in disguise, and for their clients at the coast … a total win! ©LIN
Find Coastal Signs here: 3964 Newton Street, Industrial, Swakopmund Extension 2, Namibia
Or contact via e-mail:
Calling or WhatsApp on 081 610 3335
Coastal Signs offers an array of signage and brand solutions, including:
• signs of all shapes and sizes – large, small, indoor, outdoor
• vehicle branding
• window branding
• sandblast and tinting for windows
• wallpaper printing and application
• canvas printing & framing
• wall and custom designs for flyers, pamphlets, business cards, invitations, Facebook Ads, and more!

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