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If you find yourself wondering if a desert country can host surfers, it seems pretty out there, right? 

But this unconventional thinking is exactly what made Namibia a top surf destination because the allure of a coastline nestled between the majestic Namib Desert and the vast Atlantic Ocean is the very essence of what adventure-seekers crave, and Namibia is one of only 6 countries in the world where the ocean meets a desert.

You’ll be stoked to know that the low crowds mean you’ll be catching more waves than you can handle, and there are waves for all levels. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, Salty Jackal’s Surf School with ISA qualified instructors will have your back. They even arrange guided surf tours along the legendary Skeleton Coast – it’s the stuff of legends!

The Salty Jackal experience offers accommodation where you can kick off your shoes and feel at home. There are a variety of sleeping options – a room with bunk beds for a social vibe or single and double rooms if you crave some privacy. 

The lounge with huge windows and cozy chairs is perfect for just lazing around and enjoy the spectacular views.

What you’ll like most are the outside areas where you can quietly read or do your daily yoga. And oh boy, you’re going to love those delicious dinner nights and BBQs around the crackling fire. And when the need for adventure kicks in, the Salty Jackal crew can organize activities like skydiving and sandboarding. They can even help you book a 3-day safari to Etosha National Park or Sossusvlei.

At Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp, life flows with the wind, waves, and tides. Here, books are read, conversations are captivating, and you’ll feel part of a vibrant tribe of fellow surfers and adventurers. With each rising sun, you’ll heed the ocean’s call to embrace the waves and allure of Namibia. ©LIN

Salty Jackal Backpackers & Surf Camp.

For more info, email: Phone: +264 81 465 1465

Street address: 37 Anton Lubowski Ave, Swakopmund, Namibia


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