Hemp: A Sustainable Choice for Eco-Friendly Products.

Keshi Frans wears a t-shirt made from hemp fabric. Pic: LIN magazine

With growing environmental concerns, the demand for sustainable alternatives to conventional materials is increasing. We need to find better products that don’t harm the planet. Hemp is one such material that has caught people’s attention. It’s a plant that can be used to make textiles, and it’s much better for the environment than traditional materials. Hemp plant grows really fast and doesn’t need a lot of water, pesticides, or fertilizers. This means farmers can grow it easily. The best part is that when hemp grows, it takes in a lot of carbon dioxide, which is a harmful gas causing climate change. So, growing hemp actually helps clean the air!

Another great thing about hemp textile is that it doesn’t need a lot of chemicals to be made. The fibers of hemp are naturally resistant to bugs and fungi, so we don’t have to use as many chemicals to keep them away. Hemp textile is an excellent choice if we want to protect our planet. They can decompose by themselves, which is way better for the environment than using synthetic materials that stick around for a long time.